Admission Process & Depts. in the School

Admission Process

St. Catherine’s College Ogoja is open to all eligible candidates irrespective of tribe, nationality or religion. However, once admitted, the students are bound to adhere to the Catholic tradition of the school while they are in session. To be eligible for admission into Junior Secondary One (JS 1), the candidate must have completed his/her primary education and have also passed the Common Entrance Examination conducted by the State Ministry of Education. The school follows a uniform admission procedure as organized by the Ogoja Diocesan Education Board. Forms for intended candidates are usually on sale from the months of May and June when the Ogoja Diocesan Education Board Entrance Examination is conducted. Forms can be purchased directly from the school.


Mathematics and Sciences

This Department offers 8 subjects which are; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Health Science, Physical and Health Science and Computer Studies.

Trade and Technology

The subjects under this department are Home Economics and Tourism.


This Department is formerly known as Arts and Social Science. It deals with both Arts and Social Science Subjects. The Arts Subjects include; Christian Religious Studies, Literature-in-English, while the Social Science Subjects are; Geography, Economics, Government, Civic Education and Social Studies


The subjects under this department are Indigenous Languages and Foreign Languages.